Today at the Education Over Indoctrination protest in Toronto, Nick Alexander of Save Canada was arrested after being assaulted by an ANTIFA thug.

Bleeding from a head wound, Nick was cuffed, denied medical assistance, and thrown in a paddywagon.

Nick is expected to spend the night in prison.

His assailant goes free.

Our justice system fails us every day.

The government and police have consistently turned a blind eye to ANTIFA violence from coast to coast. In Canada today, as long as violence is in line with the establishment narrative, it is not a crime.

Radical leftist thugs are emboldened. Violence will only escalate as the police do nothing.

It is time for action.

We, the undersigned, demand the federal government immediately label ANTIFA a terrorist organization and dispense justice for Nick and countless others who have been assaulted by ANTIFA criminals.